WILK Friday BeerBuzz - 2 Dec 2016 - Summit 30th Anniversary English-Style Barleywine & West London-Style Ale (Video)

02 December 2016


Stone Releasing Xocoveza Chared 12/5 - 2016 Series Batch No 3

From Stone:



The base beer is the recipe of 2014  Stone Homebrew Competitionwinner Chris Banker, an intensely flavorful milk stout brewed with cocoa, coffee and spices to mimic the flavors of  Mexican hot chocolate.

Time spent in bourbon barrels gave an already complex beer even more complexity and flavor intensity, layering additional caramel-like and vanilla flavors on top of those already present. Aromas of rich coffee and dark chocolate are followed by nutmeg and cinnamon;  a lush, heavy mouthfeel laden with charred oak and toffee engulfs the palate on the first sip. Lingering pasilla pepper and soft oak flavors persist through an exceptionally long finish in this intensely rich and satisfying beer.   


December 5, 2016


Milk Stout




500ml bottles




Lactose, Coffee, Vanilla, Pasilla Peppers, Nutmeg, Cinnamon & Cocoa


U.S. Pale, Maris Otter Pale, Crystal, Black Patent, Coffee Malt & Chocolate Malt


Challenger & East Kent Golding Hops


6 Months in American Oak Kentucky Bourbon Barrels



Mybeerbuzz.com Highlights Phantom Carriage Brewery Cranberry Broadacres & Lugosi

imageI’ve read a bit about Phantom Carriage Brewery, but I’ll admit I didn’t really know a lot about the brewery before today.  They’re located in Carson, CA, and in their own words, they are “dedicated to experimentation and to the expansion of beer beyond traditional style limitations".  Phantom Carriage uses “alternate” fermentation techniques, wild yeast, bacteria and loads of barrel-aging.  In other words they’re right up my alley…

Their barrel collection (500+) includes wine and spirit barrels and their yeast options include “cultures developed and fine-tuned over years of trials and research.”  If that’s not enough fun, their beers are often the result of blending multiple batches to create their vision of a unique beer.

I should mention up front that their artwork, logo and just overall presence is edgy, cool and a tad bit morose (in a good way)…add in some skeletal remains, Frankenstien, and even Bela Lugosi and you have the perfect match for the cool (and wild) fermentation techniques they’re using.  The brewery takes it’s name from a 1921 Swedish horror flick (know for being first to use special effects), and you’ll also see the beer names follow suit, “from the barrel to the grave.” All-in all a really cool theme and it’s executed really well.
imageIf you’re near Carson, you probably have already found Phantom Carriage’s Belgian-style cafe/taproom; if not, the photos (and atmosphere) of the taproom (complete with barrel stacks), the live beer list (including guest taps), eatery menu and bottle list will help convince you to make the drive.  If you’re further away like me, check out their Beer Shoppe.
Fortunately for me, the guys at Phantom Carriage were nice enough to share some of their bottles so off we go…

Today we’re sampling a beer called Broadacres Cranberry, and right up front the bottle design and beer “style” will grab your attention. The black on tan wood-cut scene will catch your eye in the cooler but the “Aged Wild Berliner Weisse With Seasonal Fruit” style was what really grabbed my attention (not to mention the prominent “Cranberry” tag.  Broadacres pours really effervescent and champagne-like with a really pretty and semi-clear ruby-ish color.  There’s a really nice lemony nose followed by some pleasant tart berry aromas.  The flavors follow with more lemony tartness, subtle tart cranberry, some wild and mild funky notes and a really drinkable dry finish.  I think this one leans a bit more toward a sour than just a tart beer, (this is good news) and I really enjoyed the cranberry bite at the end.  Broadacres hits an infinitely drinkable 3.9%-AbV and it’s packaged in 500ml bottles (with waxed cap).  All-in-all Broadacres Cranberry is a really nice Berliner Weisse-twist that I really enjoyed drinking.

We also had a chance to sample a little something on the bigger side of the AbV-fence in Phantom Carriage Lugosi (2016 Vintage Batch # 1 10/16 bottling date).  If the name doesn’t draw you in, and the label doesn’t grab your attention (yes that’s Bela Lugosi and his signature!), the aromas of red wine, dark fruits and Belgian yeast will grab your nose.  The red wine and Lugosi Dracula-connection wasn’t lost on us, but you simply can’t help but love the aromas of this beer.  The guys at Phantom Carriage describe this beer as a strong dark sour, and I can confirm it is is all three.  The beer pours a much darker reddish brown that I was expecting, you can’t miss the sour streak in the flavors and at 12.2%-AbV this beer is boozy.  We found loads of dark fruit and molasses flavors complimented by the lacto-sour streak I mentioned above; and the red wine flavors, oaky texture and Belgian yeast contributions made this beer a really nicely balanced and unique blend.  Lugosi finishes with some sour, some sweet cherry and some deep almost peach-like flavors…and yes at 12.2%-AbV this beer will sneak up on you, so share it with a friend (but pour more of the 750ml bottle in your own glass).

I’m very excited to see the cool and really unique beers coming out of Phantom Carriage, and all this just in their first year or so in business.  I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on what they have coming next and my only regret is that I live a few thousand miles away from the taproom.  Be sure to try Phantom Carriage Broadacres Cranberry Berliner Weisse and Lugosi Sour Belgian-Style Quad Aged In Red Wine Barrels With Mixed Wild Culture for yourself; and as always, when you do, be sure to let us know hat YOU think.

PS.   Be SURE to watch for the launch of the Phantom Carriage new Barrel Guild!



Ohio-Based Fat Head’s Brewery to Withdraw from Florida in 2017

imageFrom Fat Heads:

Will Focus Available Volume on Core Footprint in Midwest

MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, OHFat Head’s Brewery will withdraw its business from Florida in 2017 in an effort to focus on its core markets of Ohio and Pennsylvania, where it sees significant short and long-term growth opportunity. The brewery has worked with Cavalier Distributing in Florida and will team closely with them to ensure the withdrawal is as minimally disruptive as possible to their retail partners. Cavalier Distributing will continue its relationship as Fat Head’s wholesale representative in Ohio and Indiana. 

While Florida’s craft beer market is seeing some of the most rapid growth in the country, Fat Head’s existing volume limitations make it necessary to concentrate their beer supply regionally. The last delivery to Florida is slated for arrival in early January, with the expectation that the market will be exhausted of Fat Head’s beer by early February. 

“While this wasn’t an easy decision, based on current capacity constraints, we think it is in the best long term interest of consumers to focus our available resources & supply within our core footprint of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana. Excitedly, this will allow us to grow more substantially in our heartland in the coming year than we would otherwise have been able to do,” said Bill Wetmore, Fat Head’s new Head of Sales & Marketing. “With plans for our expanded production facility well underway, capacity restrictions aren’t something we will need to deal with much longer, but they are our reality today and for the near-term.”

Wetmore, a beer industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience, joined the Fat Head’s team in October. “We’ve enjoyed rapid growth as a company and at this pivotal point in our evolution, Bill's leadership and knowledge will be critical to our maturation as a brewery,” said Glenn Benigni, co-owner and founder of Fat Head’s. Prior to joining his role at Fat Head's, Wetmore spent 8 years with Brewery Ommegang (Duvel-Moortgat USA) where he acted as the General Manager and Marketing Director.


Great Lakes Turntable Pils Going Year Round w/4 New Seasonals (2017 Release Calendar)

From Great Lakes:

CLEVELAND, OH, Dec. 2, 2016—Great Lakes® Brewing Company (GLBC) announces an exciting and refreshing lineup for 2017 featuring four new brands and a sixth year-round offering: Turntable Pils.

Turntable Pils
, named in honor of Ohio’s music legacy, made its debut in April of 2016 and received positive buzz in its first year, earning an “Outstanding” rating from “The Bros” at BeerAdvocate™. Turntable Pils will join year-round classics Dortmunder Gold Lager, Eliot Ness Amber Lager, Burning River Pale Ale, Commodore Perry IPA, and Edmund Fitzgerald Porter in 6-Packs, 12-Packs, and Draft starting in Ohio in January 2017 before rolling into all of GLBC’s distribution markets in March. Turntable Pils’ year-round launch will be celebrated with themed events, contests, and merchandise. 

GLBC will introduce four new seasonal brands in 2017, each piloted in their Cleveland brewpub’s original 7-barrel brewhouse by Pub Brewer Steve Forman, and each with vibrant label artwork by award-winning illustrator and GLBC label artist Darren Booth.

MARCH: Grandes Lagos Lager
Originally a pub exclusive offering,
Grandes Lagos Lager is a crisp, aromatic Mexican-style lager with a pink hue and tart finish thanks to the addition of hibiscus flowers. A getaway in a glass, Grandes Lagos’ label celebrates the amusement parks and boardwalks of the Great Lakes region. Available in 6-Packs, 12-Packs, and Draft.

MARCH: Fridge Filler Variety Pack
In its 3rd year, GLBC’s Fridge Filler features returning favorite
Holy Moses White Ale and the 2017 edition of Hop By Numbers IPA, brewed with experimental hop 06277. The pack also includes new Lightkeeper Blonde Ale, a smooth, slightly hoppy ale with a label that pays tribute to Marblehead Lighthouse, the oldest operating on the Great Lakes. Rounding out the Fridge Filler pack is Oats MacDonald Pale Ale, a creamy Pale Ale brewed with oats and Jarrylo hops, with a playful label that nods to regional farmers and raw materials. Availaimageble in 12-Packs.

APRIL: Hop Madness Double IPA
A former pub exclusive, this North Coast answer to the West Coast-style IPA joins GLBC’s high-gravity 4-Pack series with a striking label featuring a mad brewer scientist. Dry-hopped and weighing in at 80 IBU, Hop Madness Double IPA will delight hopheads with its shockingly intense tropical aromas and hair-raising bitterness. Available in 4-Packs and Draft.

All of these new releases will be available throughout GLBC’s distribution footprint.


AVAILABLE YEAR-ROUND: Dortmunder Gold Lager, Eliot Ness Amber Lager, Turntable Pils (NEW YEAR-ROUND), Burning River Pale Ale, Commodore Perry IPA, Edmund Fitzgerald Porter
JANUARY: Conway’s Irish Ale
FEBRUARY: Chillwave Double IPA
MARCH: Grandes Lagos Lager (NEW)
MARCH: Fridge Filler Variety Pack with three of each of the following beers:

  • Holy Moses White Ale
  • Lightkeeper Blonde Ale (NEW)
  • Oats MacDonald Pale Ale (NEW)​
  • ​Hop by Numbers IPA (NEW EXPERIMENTAL HOP)

APRIL: Hop Madness Double IPA (NEW)
MAY: Steady Rollin’ Session IPA
JUNE: Lake Erie Monster Imperial IPA
AUGUST: Oktoberfest
SEPTEMBER: Nosferatu Imperial Red Ale
OCTOBER: Ohio City Oatmeal Stout
NOVEMBER: Christmas Ale
NOVEMBER: Blackout Stout Imperial Stout


Surly Updating Cynic Belgian-Style Pale Ale Cans

Today we get to see the latest can packaging for Surly Cynic.  This Belgian-style pale ale uses French malted barley, English oats and Belgian yeast and it will remain at 6.5%-AbV.  This is the new 16oz Ball can.


Troegs Releasing Scratch # 270 Mango IPA Today

From Troegs:

Fresh mango provides Scratch #270 with its sweet, tropical nose, while a blend of Cascade, Mosaic and Simcoe hops produces a smack of grapefruit, papaya and guava-like juiciness. Draft and growler fills available now.


Maui Brewing - Pau Hana Pilsner 12oz Cans

Here’s a peek at a new can coming from Maui Brewing.  This is Pau Hana and it is a pilsner that is brewed with European Pilsner malt.  This beer will hit 5.2%-AbV and this is the 12oz Ball can.


Wicked Weed - Angel Of Darkness Has Arrived (12/16)

From Wicked Weed:

The Funkatorium will open at 5pm sharp on Friday, December 16th for the release of our Oloroso Sherry cask-aged American Sour with blackberries, cherries, raspberries and boysenberries. Once you pick up your bottles, be sure to stick around for the complimentary tapas menu, live DJ, and special beers on tap. At the end of the day, whatever we don't sell will go on the shelves at our bottle shop until it sells out.  Costumes are encouraged, choose your side, light or darkness.

Commit to the Darkness. December 16th

. 5pm. $22/bottle. 1 case limit. 

You heard it here first... 

The first Blend in our Lost Toys Series will be on the shelves in our bottle shops on Thursday, December 15th. This series takes rare beauties from our barrel collection and combines them to create an entirely new alchemy. Stay tuned for more details on this beer and this series soon.


Leinenkugel’s Updates Watermelon Shandy Cans & Bottles


This morning we get to see he updated packaging for Leinenkugel’s Watermelon Shandy.  This Weisse beer brewed with watermelon will remain at 4.2%-AbV and you’re looking at the 12oz can and bottles (below).



Maui Brewing Releasing POG IPA Cans 12/2

imageWe brought you a peek at this beer back in Sept, and now this from Maui Brewing:

It is well-known that Maui Brewing Company is “fiercely local”, and its beers that are infused with locally-grown produce, never extracts or artificial flavors, command some respect. The latest limited release, POG IPA, is brewed with Horizon hops to provide a clean bitterness. A late whirlpool addition with a blend of locally grown passionfuit, orange, and guava, and a dry hop including El Dorado and Enigma hops provide tropical juicy aromatics and a slight citrus bite on the finish.

Brewing Supervisor, Matt Ponichtera will be speaking about this brew at the launch which begins at 5pm in the brewery’s Kihei Tasting Room. Per Matt, “Earlier this spring, when Brewmaster Jesse Houck informed me that we would put POG IPA into cans at the end of the year, I was super stoked. Sourcing enough of the three fruit varieties is the biggest challenge. On top of that, guava has a really short shelf life once picked. It really makes brewing this beer exciting, because all of a sudden when the farmer has the yield we need, it’s GO time!”

POG IPA, with its 7.1% ABV and 58 IBUs, will be available in the Kihei Tasting Room and the Lahaina Brewpub beginning December 2nd. It will be available in 4-pack cans and draft in all markets where Maui Brewing Company craft beer can be found.


Mission - California Craft Lager

This is California Craft Lager from Mission Brewery in San Diego, CA.  This beer hits a sessionable 4.2%-AbV and this is the 12oz bottle.


Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream Announces Winner of 4th Annual National Pitch Room Competition


imageFrom Samuel Adams:

BOSTON, Dec. 2, 2016  Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream, a micro-lending and coaching program for small business owners working in food, beverage and craft brewing, announced that Minus the Moo has won the program's 4th annual national Pitch Room competition. Founded in Boston by long-time friends Gwen Burlingame and Katy Flannery, Minus the Moo has developed the first lactose-free ice creams that match the taste and texture of traditional premium ice creams.

As an important extension of the coaching and mentoring activities that are part of the Brewing the American Dream program, the Pitch Room competition focuses on helping small food and beverage business owners perfect the art of the sales pitch, as well as gain exposure to important food and beverage retailers and buyers. The finals were the culmination of four regional events and a virtual Wild Card competition held throughout 2016.

On December 1st in Boston, seven food and beverage small business owners from Boston, Denver, Lincoln (NE), San Diego and Washington, D.C., presented their best two-minute sales pitch to a panel of expert judges. After providing constructive feedback to each of the entrepreneurs, the judges selected the best pitch based on the quality of the presentation, creativity, passion and product viability. The ultimate winner, Minus the Moo, was awarded a $10,000 business grant and extended mentoring from Samuel Adams in 2017.

The expert panel of judges that joined Sam Adams founder and brewer Jim Koch for the Boston Pitch Room Finals included:

  • Sandy Block, Vice President, Beverage Operations, Legal Sea Foods
  • Dan Bova, Editorial Director, Entrepreneur.com
  • Jon Chesto, Business Reporter, Boston Globe
  • Tony Giardina, Director of Supply Chain, Delaware North
  • Jon Olinto, Co-Founder, b.good

"Our Pitch Room final showcased the best of the small food and beverage businesses we've met from across the country," said Samuel Adams founder and brewer Jim Koch, who was also one of the judges. "Last night, we heard from so many great businesses – it was hard to choose just one. Minus the Moo's lactose-free dairy ice cream especially differentiated itself, and our panel of experts think it has real market potential. Katy and Gwen's passion really came through, which is something that resonated with me as someone who has started and grown a business from scratch. Right now, they are a thriving regional business, and our goal through this program is to help them get in front of a national audience."

Koch added that the runner-up was Deaf Man's BBQ Sauce, and as the second-place winner will also receive one-on-one coaching from the Samuel Adams executive team.

"Winning the Sam Adams Brewing the American Dream Pitch Room finals is a really big deal for our small business, and we're so excited about it," said Katy Flannery, co-founder of Minus the Moo. "Every business that presented was impressive, and it was an honor to be at the competition and competing with them."

"The grant, and especially the mentoring, are really going to help our business get to the next level," added Minus the Moo co-founder Gwen Burlingame. "We got great feedback from the judges and we're ready to jump in and work with the Sam Adams team to help grow our business so that everyone, whether they're lactose intolerant or not, can enjoy great ice cream." 

Minus the Moo began when Katy, who's lactose-intolerant, and Gwen, a sympathetic ice cream lover, bonded over the void of authentic tasting, lactose-free ice cream options. Katy began experimenting in 2012, and developed an ice cream recipe using real dairy and the lactase enzyme to ensure it was lactose-free. Gwen supported Katy's goals of sharing this new product with all lactose intolerant ice cream lovers, and they teamed-up to create Minus the Moo.

Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream Impact and Inspiration
Samuel Adams is celebrating 32 years of brewing, and despite the craft brewery's success, Jim Koch hasn't forgotten how hard it is to start and run a successful small business. That's why he created Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream, a unique program that provides the two things he wishes he had when starting Samuel Adams: financing and real-world business advice.

As the core philanthropic program for Samuel Adams, Brewing the American Dream is executed in partnership with Accion—the largest nonprofit micro- and small business lender in the United States. Since Brewing the American Dream began in 2008, Samuel Adams and Accion have lent more than $11.2 million to over 950 businesses. Just as important, the program has coached or mentored more than 6,000 small businesses and helped to create or save over 3,800 jobs across the country. The program has also seen an unprecedented loan repayment rate of 98.1 percent – well above the national average for small business loans.

To learn more please visit: http://btad.samueladams.com.


Lazy Magnolia - Kiln Mississippi Gold

This is Kiln Mississippi Gold from Lazy Magnolia.  This American premium ale will hit 4.2%-AbV and 12 IBU and this is the new 12oz bottle.


Cambridge Brewing - Le Saisonniere & Blunderbuss

This is the bottle packaging for Le Saisonniere from Cambridge Brewing in Cambridge, MA.  This farmhouse ale is brewed wiyth Noble hops, aged in Gin barrels and packaged in 750ml bottles.  Look for Le Saisonniere to hit 4.8%-AbV.  We also have Blunderbuss barleywine ale aged in oak barrels (12.75%-AbV, 375ml bottles).


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